Our Story

A culture of service

I'm telling you, you have to experience this in person.
Ask Trenton how he came to start Senior Benefits Insurance Services (SBIS) and I promise, you'll see this spark light up in his eyes.
You can feel how much he cares about the company and its role in helping the people we serve.  

"As a Sales Director at SelectHealth, I had been watching the large employer group market for years, and I just saw this massive group of people who weren't getting the help they needed as they entered Medicare. I said to myself, I will be that help."

In the insurance world, Medicare is looked at as this complex, giant behemoth that is heavily regulated by the Federal Government. It is hard to understand and carries a lot of extra certifications and licenses to even sell it. Working with individual people means more time spent one-on-one with a client rather than working with a large group through a business relationship. Other insurance markets can offer more lucrative opportunities with higher volumes, so most agents avoid Medicare.

Not us. 

We cherish the chance to work with our clients in a one-on-one setting. We love the fact that we have genuine relationships with each of the people who trust us to help them through the Medicare maze. We know all about the complexity of the healthcare system and Medicare, so we feel it is our duty to share that with others.

In 2010, Trenton left his job at Selecthealth and started Senior Benefits Insurance Services. He became THE guy for companies, brokers, and retirees to get help with Medicare enrollment and questions. Shortly thereafter, two powerhouse players in the Medicare space joined the team. Matt Gibson, who built the Regence Medicare plan and Brenda Winters, an operational genius, came onboard and crafted a way for people to experience the 1-on-1 care that was missing in the Medicare market. 

Now, years later, we have grown remarkably well and become the premier Medicare agency in Utah. Come spend 60 seconds with anyone on the team and you'll see that hard work, strong principles, and a sincere love for serving others is engrained into the soul of everyone working here. 

We have expanded into other states. In fact, employer groups, brokers, and retirees living in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming trust SBIS to handle all their Medicare questions.

You can find agents out there with experience and a ton of knowledge about Medicare, but what sets us apart goes back to the reason Trenton founded the company. Everyone here believes there is someone out there who needs some help, and we can be that for them.
We take that responsibility seriously.

We promise to do what's best for you, every time, and we promise to treat you how we would treat our own family.

Stop by sometime.
Meet the team.
Find out for yourself why Senior Benefits Insurance Services is the most trusted Medicare agency in Utah.

If you need guidance through Medicare, let's get in touch.
Give us a call: 801-523-6081
or send us an email: info@srbenco.com