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A person turning 65 today has a 71% chance of requiring Long Term Care. 

"I'll be the exception." 
"It won't happen to me."

We sincerely hope it won't.

But odds are, you or your spouse will end up needing assistance. The good news is, if the need for Long Term Care does arise, there are options for you to protect your money, your relationship, and your dignity. 

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Who will pay? 

The average annual cost of Long Term Care is $66,240 per year for an average of almost 5 years.
It is $91,248 per year with dementia and an average of over 8 years of care. 

You may be preparing for this scenario by saving a chunk of your hard-earned money, but what if it isn't enough?

With an LTC policy, your initial investment turns into unlimited funds in the event that you or your spouse require LTC. 

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Who will provide care?

"I'll take care of you."
When your loved ones say this, do they mean they will actually be the ones providing you with daily care? 

Bathing, dressing, feeding, moving, and bathroom assistance are the daily activities that our loved one would be involved with. 

Or, do you want a professional to handle the care while your relationship with your spouse and kids remains the same?

Both are options that can work, but let's have the conversation and figure out what would work best for you (and your family). 


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Where will you receive the care? 

In your own home, or in a facility? 

Let's make that plan now so, if the time comes, you are receiving care from the person you want, in the place you want. 

Your choice has certain lifestyle and cost implications so let's discuss which would work best for you and your family.


When should you start this conversation?

Long Term Care plans are substantially less expensive the younger you are when you set one up. 

55 years old is the ideal time to start this conversation for the best rates, and if you are over 55, there are surprisingly affordable options available to protect you and your family. 


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