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Medicare Playbook

If you are uncertain or nervous about Medicare, this eBook will help you feel confident about what awaits you with Medicare. You'll get a sound understanding of when you should start planning, what costs you can expect, and different coverage options. 

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Part D Prescription Drugs eBook

The most common questions we hear (by far) are related to Part D prescription drug coverage. This part of Medicare is big, it is bulky, it is complicated, and it is confusing. The eBook eliminates the complexity and jargon to give you a better understanding of how to get your medications an the costs associated with them. 

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Long Term Care eBook

A person turning 65 today has a 71% chance of requiring Long Term Care. This means that you, your spouse, your parents, and your children are all going to have to deal with it. Now, you can wait and figure it out as it comes up, potentially losing your hard-earned wealth. Or, you can plan now to avoid awkward conversations and difficult financial problems later.